Foods that lower blood pressure

fruits and vegetables that can lower your blood pressure

Your food, of course, has an effect on your health and this applies to your blood pressure as well. What you eat and drink can influence the blood pressure and heart function in a direct way. By now, you might probably know that salt or sodium chloride is a “say NO” food for this condition. By consuming too much of salt, you can increase water retention by kidneys that increase your blood volume. An increased blood volume increases the blood pressure and heart function as well. This hypothesis is quite famous and almost everyone knows it. But, what people do not know is how the other food will influence in maintaining your blood pressure.

When talking about food that reduces high blood pressure, we cannot ignore tasty fruits and vegetables. As we already know fruits and vegetables contain a lot of potassium, it is important that we add a lot of these to our daily meals. Potassium, unlike sodium, helps in reducing our blood pressure. Actually, we can recognize potassium as an opponent of sodium. When we reduce sodium intake and increase potassium consumption, our blood pressure reduces significantly. That is why people who consume a lot of healthy and colorful fruits and veggies have a better heart health. The best sources of potassium are beetroot, apples, kefir, yogurt, coconut water, white beans, banana, squash, sweet potato, and others.
According to some new studies, an increased consumption of sugar can also increase the risk of hypertension. Many people who consume a lot of sweets, energy drinks and fast food suffer from high blood pressure which signifies that there is a possible risk. In several clinical studies, it was proved that a reduction of sugar consumption, especially refined sugars, have a potential benefit in reducing already elevated systolic blood pressure. Scientists further suggest that reducing sugar intake could be a great hypertension prevention technique.

Fishes, especially large and Mediterranean in origin are considered as highly beneficial for heart health and normal blood pressure. These fishes are recognized to have polyunsaturated fatty acids known as DHA and EPA. According to many studies done for decades, keep on proving that DHA, specifically, is a great nutrient in reducing blood pressure in individuals. Even though some think fish oil supplements are the only choice you have, actually consuming these fishes frequently can supply your body with the necessary amount of essential fatty acids. Best fishes to consume to reduce your blood pressure are cod, tuna, salmon, herring, and others.

eat a healthy diet to prevent hypertensionAn increased dietary intake of magnesium, in the form of green leaves and vegetables or as supplements, has shown to reduce blood pressure in humans, even though its effect is not recognized to be as strong as what is observed with potassium. Nuts and seeds, spinach, chocolate, greens, herbs, and grains are great sources of magnesium. Magnesium’s effect on blood pressure is exaggerated when it is carried out together with an increased potassium intake. In fact, it is possible to conclude that increased potassium and magnesium intake along with moderately reduced sodium intake can lower systolic blood pressure in humans and give the same effect of an anti-hypertensive medication!


written by Dr. Nuwanthi